Zeljko McMullen


Golden Dome "The Magician" with Eliza Swann (2014) Woodstock, NY

In September, 2014 - Eliza Swann and I received a group of 10 initiates into my neighbor's house in Woodstock, NY to work with them on tarot, performance, and art making practices. After a week of exercises, Eliza performed the role of the High Priestess and I the Magician, and we walked each initiate hand-in-hand blindfolded through the middle of a river to an altar with a mirror to meet their higher selves.


We also invited many artists to help, Frank Haines buried all of our intiates in a grave that he made in the base of a fallen tree on the equinox...

Linda Montano led the group through a series of excercies, including speaking in tongues to fallen leaves, childhood regression therapy, and ecstatic chant.

Irvin Climaco Morazan did a sunrise performance

and much more..

The workshop culminated with a group performance at the Edgar Cayce library in New York, NY

Arcana release party performance May 2014 - Body Actualized Center - Brooklyn, NY

While projecting the video mandalas and music from Arcana around the space, I tied the audience loosely together with red and blue twine. While blindfolded and with the assistance of the audience, I moved through the circle handing out individual tarot cards to each attendee. I then invited each attendee to step forward one at a time while I gave them a mini-reading based on their card.

"Idol Killer" by Meredith Danluck - February 2014

A "movie" shot in 18 stills featuring Casey Legler and myself - in a surreal visual scape involving infatuation, abuse, stalking and more... Casey and I alternated between the roles of villian and victim...

Solo performance April 2013 - Public Assembly - Brooklyn, NY

Impromptu tarot reading / performance action 2011 - fancy art world xmas party on the LES, NYC

I set up shop in the smoking den of a well attended xmas party. After I gave one friend a reading, I had a line of folks waiting out the door, so for my performance action, I peed in crystal goblets all night while reading tarot. This was a nice change of pace, as I had been sleeping on the floor of an art studio that month, and peeing in a plastic jug at night.

Solo performance at BRIC Arts September 2011 - Brooklyn, NY

This is the aftermath of a self psychomagic performance in which I made a pentagram out of rope throughout the space, sang a bit from atop a ladder, smashed a figurine that represented a recently aborted child, and then distributed the remnants of said smashed figurine to the audience.

Illuminati Hair Cut (video performance piece) - Fall 2011

This is when I decided to start cutting my hair with fire.

Adam and Eve at the UPS Store (sermon style performance) - Church Of The Little Green Man 2008

with Lucy Indiana Dodd

Adam and Eve Klein (body painting) - D'Amelio Terras 2008

with Caitlin Jemison, music on this version by Lucky Dragons.

DIY Dentistry - Oberlin, 2005

Over a several week period, I had a terrible tooth ache, so at various times, when feeling brave enough, I would remove fragments from the hurt tooth with pliers or a screwdriver.