Zeljko McMullen


Zeljkovision Tarot Parlor at the Clocktower Gallery (Aug 26th - September 27, 2013)

The video and music in McMullen's "parlor" are mandalas derived from recordings of live rituals invoking the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. His immersive experience also utilizes textiles, drawings, personal and religious memorabilia, and 400 lbs. of salt.

Over the course of the installation, I accepted appointments inside the space for personal tarot readings, spiritual guidance, and meditative inebriation.

Wish : Arcana : The Sun detail video of altar

Zeljkovision at Roulette Intermedium (July 2012)

6 projections, 1 glass tree of life sculpture, various ladders, 12 channel surround audio

Jerome Foundation Residency Commission

zeljkovision excerpt

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Leave a Piece of Your Heart Everywhere You Go (2009) at Bard College

Leave a Piece of Your Heart Everywhere You Go

Paintings, sculpture, chicken cage, various personal and religious memorabilia and performance

During the opening of the exhibition, I applied either gold, red, or blue glitter gel anywhere on the body of every visitor to the installation, which soon left a subtle but noticeable trail of glitter over the entire exhibition.


Home Entertainment Altar - "The Magician" (2008) at D'Amelio Terras


Wooden altar with glass Tree of Life, action painting, bodily fluids, various world currencies, religious memorabilia, and video tarot deck.


Severiano Martinez & Zeljko McMullen MAGICIAN'S ALTAR


Fragility (2008) at Paris London New York West Nile

A video alcove housed in a series of light box paintings, underneath an ambiguously safe totem of paintings.

This was one of the videos on view:


Paris London New York West Nile (2006 - 2010)

2000 square foot concrete room that housed over 50 artists during its 4 years, and held 100+ concerts and performances.