Zeljko McMullen

zeljkovision roulette trailer

jerome foundation residency performance at roulette intermedium, july 20th, 2012


We Are Fools - Trailer 2

Zeljko McMullen and Severiano Martinez 2012

Teaser trailer for a feature length movie, featuring 22 different collaborations between the filmmakers and assorted artists,

enacting the archetypes of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Featuring Tony Conrad, MV Carbon, Alix Pearlstein, Nautical Almanac, Thomas Arsenault, and many many more..

more information: http://www.shinkoyo.com/WEAREFOOLS


Genesis and Zeljko


GENESIS and ZELJKO (video interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, August 2011


Seven Sins / Seven Virtues - 2 channel version

14 characters, each given a paragraph description of either a deadly sin or a heavenly virtue,

asked to embody this sin or virtue in a space set up with many props, food, drink, and camera persons.

"Universal reconciliation, also called universal salvation or sometimes simply universalism, is the doctrine of

some that all will receive salvation, regardless of belief, because of the love and mercy of God."

Based on the beliefs of Origen circa 185 - 254


Elemental Hair Cut - 2010

music: "with you" by Zeljko McMullen (wish)

"blindfolded balancing on a broken chair with tarot cards and sage bonfire"

The World digital collage for album art, 2010

click to download 3 songs


"We can disappear" - music video based on characters enacting the 7 sins and 7 virtues, 2010

"Wish" digital collage for album art, 2009

download the entire album as a zip

Leave a Piece of Your Heart Everywhere You Go

installation with performance, drawings, paintings, found objects, video 2009

documentation video of installation

Altar for Tarot Trailer

home entertainment altar with video tarot deck, painting, bodily fluids, food, collected objects

(installation view at D'Amelio Terras - collaboration with Severiano Martinez, 2008)

Adam and Eve Klein (excerpt from the Lovers card, We Are Fools)

music by Lucky Dragons 

Adam and Eve Klein performance painting (production excerpt video) 2008

Red, Blue, Disorder catalog image for sound installation 2008

installation was a 6 channel sound piece spread out over the entire exhibition space

Median Arts Olympic Center Beijing, China - 2008

"color" section of 2 channels of audio

Fragility installation, painting, pulled-out teeth, video, 2008

Sketch for the Magician installation with painting, sculpture, found objects 2008 

Empty Gate catalog image for sound installation 2007

installation was a 5.1 surround sound audio piece,

with a speaker located at each of the red numbers in the picture

(Ke Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing China)


1. open

2. diffusion

3. last cry

4. liquids

5. sunshine

6. ether

7. anathema

8. red (empty gate)

9. with you

10. like mountains


zeljko mcmullen : : : :: ::::: :: : red and blue

disorder 2004:

1. the dark

2. color

3. initiation

4. imploding

5. gently

6. seraphim

7. inside

8. disorder

9. dissolve

10. warm